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Agnella Rugs Isfahan WALENCJA Sand - 100% New Zealand Wool - Free Delivery

Agnella Rugs Isfahan WALENCJA Sand - 100% New Zealand Wool - Free Delivery

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  • Easy to maintain:   A rug with a wool pile has a natural protective layer provided by the natural oils in the sheep fleece which prevents dirt from sticking to the fibre and makes it easily removable.
  • All year round comfort:  A wool rug insulates cold floors in winter, increasing the feeling of warmth. In summer, it absorbs excess moisture from the air lowering the humidity in your home.
  • Excellent sound absorber:  The peace and quiet of your own home is particularly precious. Wool rugs are excellent at absorbing sound and prevent it from travelling to the rooms below.
  • Renewable raw material:  Our wool rugs are woven using the highest quality yarns, produced from the fleece of sheep from New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we are proud owners of Woolmark, British Wool and New Zealand Integrity certifications.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic:  The surface of the wool fleece traps dust and other impurities which keeps them from spreading in the air, this makes wool naturally hypoallergenic and a great solution for people with asthma or allergies.
  • Sustainable Wool fibre: is 100% biodegradable and fully renewable making a wool rug a more eco-friendly option.
  • Air purification:  Positive air ions are created by electrical equipment inside our homes, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that these have a negative effect on our health. As a natural material wool creates negative ions which helps to neutralise the air.
  • An investment for years:  Using quality yarns and expert manufacturing you can be sure that a wool rug will stand the test of time.
  • Naturally flame-retardant: Owing to the natural properties of the fibre, wool rugs are flame retardant. In case of a fire, wool does not transmit the flame and does not melt.
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