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Quality Stair Rods from our affordable Jubilee Range in a variety of finishes.

To save fitting time, the finials are already attached to the brackets making the Jubilee ideal for retro fitting to an existing carpet. Brackets can easily accommodate underlay and gripper, unlike other budget rods sold online. 

The Jubilee range are hollow 3/8" (9mm) diameter stair rods 

Available in a choice of finishes: Brass, Antique, Bronze, Black, Pewter, Satin Nickel and Chrome.

(Prior to placing your online order for Stonegate Carpets Stair Rods, we would kindly ask that you give us a quick call on 0113 225 95 35 so that we can ask a couple of questions to ensure there will be no complications.  Please also note that longer stair rods will be required for carpet fitted on stair winders).

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