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Ulster Carpets Ulster Velvet

One of the finest wilton products on offer, Ulster Velvet is a luxurious wool-rich flooring option. As the name suggests, the smooth look, feel and velvety texture of this wilton carpet oozes opulence and style. This is why Ulster Velvet remains one of Ulster’s most well-loved and established ranges.

Combining the luxury of wool and the hardwearing properties of nylon, Ulster Velvet is a blend of 80% wool, 20% nylon, woven tightly to create the ultimate in floor covering. Colourways within Ulster Velvet include soft ‘Barely there’ neutrals, delicate pinks, minimalist greys through to grounding shades of stone and rich reds, all inspired by a timeless ‘classic’ palette.

The Ulster Velvet range will harmonise and coordinate with any chosen interior colour scheme. Suitable for extra heavy wear and available in 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m and 1m, our unique MultiWidths service allows customers to buy the amount of carpet that they need.

This reduces the cost of the carpet, the cost of fitting and the amount of waste produced - therefore kinder to the environment as well as luxurious underfoot.

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