You guys would receive from me a gold star for excellence.

I am writing tonight Saturday 11th February to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job that you, Colin, Tony and Kevin have done in transforming our old dreary staircase into a state of the art masterpiece - a bit over the top I know, but my God what a wonderful job you have all done with no fuss - no hassle - no  problems.

From the moment I found you on the internet you have given me a service that previously I only ever found when I lived in Hong Kong.  Superb professional service, your wonderful friendly and efficient service is a credit to you all.  My staircase has been transformed (even those winding stairs near the top) have been professionally matched to the continual line in the design (see the attached photos).

My very special thanks to Kevin who came today on his own and within a couple of hours carried out the most professional job in ensuring that every aspect of the design was fitted to perfection.  Only cost me a couple of cups of pretty rubbish instant coffee, (white no sugar for him for your future customers). 

I have been very closely involved in business for many years and have lectured in various countries around the world on achieving success by offering the very best Customer Service.  You guys would receive from me a gold star for excellence.  I thank you all for your wonderful and excellent service.  I am sending some photos of my transformed staircase in the next email.  Some of my neighbours have been to view and they are impressed. 

Mr. John Crawford, London

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